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Replica Vietnam Wall

Veterans Tribute Group, INC. is in the process of raising funds to purchase a replica Vietnam Wall to be placed in the Veterans Tribute Park in Elizabethtown Kentucky. Veterans Tribute Group is made up of representatives from veterans groups in and around Hardin County.

We feel this to be a major addition to honor those fallen in the Vietnam War and to pay respect to those that served. We want to also honor the families of all Vietnam Veterans and especially the veterans of Hardin County and surrounding counties that paid the ultimate price.

Our goal is to provide a replica Vietnam Wall for those unable to make the trip to Washington DC. A place where they are able to visit and find a way of reconnecting to those lost. It has been found that the Vietnam Wall can offer healing to those that served as well as those that lost family members. A place to reconnect with a lost friend or loved one.

This project is very important to us and we hope that you will see the benefit of a permanent Vietnam Wall in our Area. This Vietnam Wall will be the same as the one in Radcliff Kentucky in May 2015. The total length is 360 feet with each wing being 180 feet long. At the apex it is 8 feet tall. It is a true representation of the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC. The scale of the wall is 80%. With this Vietnam Wall it is possible to make rubbing of the names that are on the wall.

We would appreciate any contribution you can make to help us purchase and place a replica Vietnam Wall at the Veterans Tribute Park.

The addition of this Vietnam Wall to the existing statues that are in place at the Veterans Tribute Park would provide a permanent memorial to all Veterans.

Thank you for giving us consideration,

You may contact us or make your donations to us to:

Veterans Tribute Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 2573.
Elizabethtown, Ky. 42702