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Welcome to the Vietnam Veterans of America
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Elizabethtown Vietnam Memorial WallOue Vietnam Wall

Veterans Tribute Park is Located in the Elizabethtown Nature Park at 1900 Ring Road,


This first thing you see is the size. You know there are over 58,000 names on the wall, but you have no idea how big it has to be to have space to list all those names. A wave of remembrance comes over you as you remember your time spent in Vietnam, your friends, and those that were lost. The memories were always there, but you kept them suppressed as best you could. Now seeing what is before you there is no way to suppress those memories and in a way you are back in the Nam.

The Vietnam Memorial Wall holds healing for Vietnam veterans, families and friends of those lost and those that wee of that generation. There is no politics or governmental policies to cloud what you are seeing. You are able to connect to those that you lost and able to touch those that were lost. For the children this is a way to show the sacrifices so many have made for this country and to show that the cost of war, to protect one’s freedom, has a high price.

It is our, Vietnam Veterans, belief that bringing the Vietnam Memorial Wall to The Veterans Tribute Park in Elizabethtown will help make help reconnect Vietnam veterans and their families to those that they lost and in some way offer a measure of healing. Many people would like to see The Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C. but are unable to make the trip there. The distance they would have to travel there would be a large factor in their decision to come to our Replica Vietnam Memorial Wall. The traffic, parking, and the expense of a trip to Washington, D.C. cause many to not make that one of their destinations. Here in Elizabethtown these are not obstacles, that makes your visit more personal.

The benefit to our school system in offering an avenue to teach students about theOverview of park Vietnam War would be a great benefit. This would be a learning tool that they can use for field trips. We hope you visit our Vietnam Memorial Wall and that your trip is everything you hoped for, whatever the reasons.



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Traveling Vietnam Wall May 17, 2015 at Radcliff, Ky.


Radcliff Wall

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